Game-based learning for agri-entrepreneurship

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'Game-based learning for agri-entrepreneurship' provides trainers with a powerful approach and toolbox that includes digital games to increase the impact of their training activities:

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What clients say

"Kucheza’s training really helped me to bring a business perspective to my agronomical trainings. It helps me to better advise farmers on how to improve their income."
Lawal Adamu
Solidaridad, Nigeria

Target audience

The programme is designed for experienced trainers who work with farmers and youth to improve their economic position. These can be business skills trainers, agronomy trainers, extension workers, business coaches, and professionals with similar profiles.

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Programme and Dates​

The programme contains the following modules:

Game-based Learning

Business and Entrepreneurship

Financial management

Training & Coaching

The programme consists of 2 full training days and 13 half days, spread over a period of 6 months. Participants are required to spend approximately
1-2 hours on average per week on assignments.

The training will take place on the following dates:




The financial investment amounts EUR 1,495 excluding VAT. The full amount must be paid before the start of the training programme.

Information and registration

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About the trainers

Roef van Dijk is the co-founder of Kucheza and an experienced entrepreneur. He strongly believes in the power of play and that people should get the right opportunities to exploit their talents. Roef is a certified SIYB trainer. Roef will be leading modules on Training and Coaching and Game-based Learning.

Hanniëlle Teixeira is the co-founder of Kucheza and a real entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge of financial and business management. She believes success is never an individual merit. Hanniëlle will be leading modules on Financial Management and Game-based Learning.

Oscar van der Ende is an independent business trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience in Small Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Development. He trains and advices starting and experienced entrepreneurs in developing and developed countries. Oscar is a certified SIYB Master Trainer. Oscar will be leading modules on marketing and impactful entrepreneurship.

Gert van Dijk is Emeritus Professor of Cooperative Business Administration and Management at Nyenrode Business University. He has been actively involved with a range of cooperative businesses and investor owned companies, as well as with financial, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Gert will be leading a module on cooperative entrepreneurship.

Violanda de Man has built extensive experience as a consultant and trainer in a range of organizations. She was actively involved in some of the major challenges in setting up social enterprises in agriculture in East Africa. Violanda will be leading modules on marketing and business management.

About Kucheza

Kucheza’s game-based learning approach to improving entrepreneurship among farmers and youth in developing countries is a powerful training tool box. Through playful, participative learning and the use of digital training games, it creates awareness, transfers knowledge and develops skills for entrepreneurship.

Kucheza’s digital training game Farming Forward, with the active support of an experienced trainer, allows trainees to understand and apply the relation between agronomy and economics, business management principles, and models for cooperation. In the game, players take the role of a farmer entrepreneur who has to grow his or her farm and income. By playing the game, farmers can experience the short term and long-term outcomes of their behaviour in a risk-free environment that mimics their own context.

Zimbabwean youth playing Farming Forward

Kucheza’s game-based learning approach is based on the Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) methodology of the International Labour Organization. SIYB is an entrepreneurship training programme tailored to the needs of small scale entrepreneurs in developing countries. Since the late 1970’s the SIYB programme has been followed by 65,000 trainers and used to train 15 million entrepreneurs in 100 countries.

Kucheza now offers an open registration programme that is accessible to individual trainers and organizations that are interested in using the game-based learning approach in their interactions with farmers and youth.

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Kucheza BV

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3526 KS Utrecht

The Netherlands

Terms and conditions for the Kucheza Training Programme: Game-based learning for agri-entrepreneurship


The participant is entering a legal contract with Kucheza BV (hereinafter referred to as Kucheza). Kucheza is a private company with limited liability according to Dutch law. Kucheza is based in the Netherlands and its office address is: Europalaan 20, 3526 KS, Utrecht.

The person who is registered for the training will be called: participant. These terms and conditions also apply to the organization that registers the participant (hereinafter referred to as organization). The contract initiates when the registration is complete.


The number of participants is limited to 25. Registration will be done by the principle first come, first serve. The registration of a participant is complete after Kucheza has received full payment in its bank account.

Cancellation policy

In the case of cancellation by the participant or organization until two weeks before the start of the first training day, Kucheza refunds 50% of the payment. Any costs attached to this payment will be paid by the participant/organization. Cancellation after two weeks before the start of the first training day will not lead to a refund.

In the case of cancellation by Kucheza, Kucheza will refund the full payment.


The course will be held online. If Kucheza is not able to perform a module of the training because of network problems at the site of Kucheza, Kucheza will offer another time and moment in close discussion with the participants. Network limitations on the side of the participants are at the risk of the participant.

The training sessions are recorded, so participants that are not able to attend a session, can watch the session at a later moment. By registering as participant for the training programme, you agree to the recording of the training sessions.

Certificate and no-show

After completing the course, participants will receive a certificate. In order to receive the certificate, participants are allowed to be absent during a maximum of two half days.

Kucheza liablility

Kucheza’s trainers will endeavor to train the participants to be excellent trainers based on a best effort obligation. Kucheza is not liable for the quality of training delivered by the participant. Kucheza is not liable for any damages caused by the participant during the training period or afterwards.

The participant or organization indemnifies Kucheza against all third-party claims arising from this contract and terms and conditions.


The training will be held in English and all training materials are in English.


At the start of the contract the participants get a license to use the training game Farming Forward and the Kucheza training videos for a period of 1 year starting on the first training day of this training programme. After this year the license can be prolonged for € 400 per participant per year. One month before the license expires Kucheza will send an invoice to the participant/organization. When that invoice is not paid when the license expires, the license will stop automatically. Kucheza is allowed to increase the license fee every year at January 1.

This license is not transferrable to others who are not trained by Kucheza, unless otherwise stated or when permission by Kucheza is granted.

Intellectual property

The training game Farming Forward and the Kucheza training videos provided are subject to intellectual property rights by Kucheza. Participants are allowed to use this material to train others as long as their license is valid. People who are not trained by Kucheza are not allowed to use these materials to train others. When the contract between Kucheza and the organization or participant ends, these intellectual property rights remain valid. In the case of a breach of the intellectual property, the participant or the organization have to pay a penalty of € 2.500 per offence. Kucheza is entitled to claim full damages caused by breach of intellectual property.

Applicable law

Dutch Law is applicable to the contract and to these terms and conditions. When a legal case is unavoidable, parties agree to bring this to the court in Utrecht, The Netherlands.